Call for Papers Business Model Conference 2022 - Lille Submission Deadline 1st March 2022

Call for Papers
Business Model Conference 2022 - Lille

Submission Deadline 1st March 2022

In 2022 Business Model Conference will be hosted by IAE University School of Management in Lille, France and we are now ready for paper submissions.

This year, the main theme of the Business Model Conference is: 

Business Models for a world in Transition

The business model approach fits well with the study of new ways of operating activities through more openness, democracy and sustainability. 

Following topics could be addressed during the conference:

  • Grand challenges and business model innovation
  • Business model for sustainability
  • Business models and poverty
  • Business models of NGOs and hybrid forms of organizations
  • Scarce resources and business models
  • Stakeholder engagement in new business models
  • Social Value, fair trade and ethical business models…

Submission Deadline 1st March 2022


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Beyond the main theme explored this year for the Business Model Conference (“Business Models for a World in Transition”), we warmly welcome papers relating to all aspects of the field of business models for presentation and discussion.

These proposals may or may not be related to the conference main theme. Potential areas of interest could be, but not limited to:

  • Business model innovation
  • Business model scalability
  • Data driven business models
  • Disruptive business models
  • Business model imitation
  • Business model and ecosystems
  • Teaching and learning experiences about business models
  • Portfolio of business models
  • Business models and performance measurement models
  • Business models, management structures and incentives
  • Business model archetypes, patterns and components
  • Business model creation, innovation and transformation
  • Business Model Innovation in incumbent firms
  • Business models in new ventures
  • The connections between creativity and business model development
  • Gamification of business model innovation techniques
  • Global value chains and business models
  • Competition within and between business models
  • The sharing of value in business models between stakeholders….


For detailed information please visit the conference website:

Contact: Saïd YAMI, University of Lille / IAE University School of Management said.yami[chez]univ-lille[point].fr


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